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Social Login

Social Login allows using existing credentials from a third party provider (like Google or GitHub) to sign in to a third party website instead of explicitly creating a new account and new credentials on that website. This simplifies registrations and logins for end users.

Before you get started

  • If you plan on using Hanko Cloud, you need a Hanko Cloud Console account.
    • Once signed in, create an Organization.
    • In your organization, create a new Project. All third party provider settings are done on the project level.
  • If you plan on self-hosting, you need to have a running instance of the Hanko API.
  • If you prefer a prebuilt UI, then the easiest way to integrate Hanko social logins in your frontend app is to use the @teamhanko/hanko-elements web components. If you want to build your own UI, you can use the @teamhanko/hanko-frontend-sdk. Learn more about frontend app integration in the provider specific guides below.

Available providers

Get started with your favourite third party provider:


We're working on adding support for more providers, stay tuned!


  • Social logins currently mainly target classic web applications (as opposed to, e.g. native mobile apps) and use the OAuth authorization code flow.
  • Sign up with a third party provider is only allowed if the email address used with the provider is not also used by an existing Hanko user.
  • Only one third party provider can be linked to a Hanko user.
  • Requesting additional OAuth scopes with a provider is not possible.